março 15, 2016

Sketching Panoramas : Post and Rail

Here’s a PDF of the pattern for these booklets. Feel free to share it with anyone, or use it in your classes.  If you’re like me and prefer to buy your paper in full sheets, this fast and easy folding pattern means you’ll never have to buy a commercial sketchbook again!
Oh yes! and here’s a few other articles on sketching panoramas – in case you want to try out the four page spreads on a nice city skyline or 360 degree view!

You might get it in all-in-one in a landscape format book – or, do as I do and simply add pages as you move across the horizon. You can even do it in an accordion sketchbook – a book with a long continuous sheet folded into pages.
This method is a systematic approach in which you break down a very complex subject into easily understood landmarks. It helps me make a recognizable impression of an entire city, without getting lost in the mass of tiny detail. Each key landmark (the posts) only needs to be joined by passages of landscape (the rails). You can build up a view of the entire horizon, without developing insurmountable errors in proportion.
If you haven’t seen it already – I have a free PDF workbook that explains this technique – and I’veshown it before on the blog. But this is a chance to see it all happen before your eyes.
I think this landscape painting demo is a great example of the Artist Network subscription plan. Once you’re a member, you can watch this technique as well as the other three episodes in my series – along with 400+ other artists at work – all under the flat monthly subscription rate.
I do receive a small royalty for each view on the network – as well as any dvd/download sales. So, thanks in advance for your support! It make all my art blogging and sketching workshops possible.
As well, if you have seen the video and have any questions – please feel free to mail me at marc(dot)taro(at)                                          

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